We are thrilled to announce that Sotto Voce has been named one of New Music USA’s 2018 project grant recipients!!!

proposalpicLast night, we were given this amazing news – we have been chosen to receive one of New Music USA’s 2018 Project Grants for our ongoing “Living Voices” project! From all of the Voces, thank you so much for supporting us, New Music USA! To all our fans and followers – please stay tuned to our New Music USA Project Page, FB page, and this website for more updates as the project continues to unfold! You can also check out all the other wonderful winning projects on New Music USA’s featured project page.

We are also sending out a huge thank you to everyone who contributed to the fundraising campaign that has helped us to take the project this far. Your financial support and votes of confidence have enabled us to reach this wonderful new milestone as a group!

Our Artistic Director Jessie Downs would also like to thank the project’s commissioned composers Alex Huddleston and Jamie Leigh Sampson for helping her to bring this project to fruition and for writing the group stunning new pieces that – as we prepare for our upcoming tour – increasingly seem to fit us like a glove. Thanks also to all the Voces who continue to bring their dedication and artistry to this crazy thing that we do, and to Voces past who have contributed to the development of our sound and style.

A hearty thanks as well to all our other featured composers, past and present, many of whom have provided invaluable feedback and dialogue during the rehearsal process. We are so glad that we can continue to grow as collaborators in the presentation and creation of exciting new vocal works through support such as this!

Last, but certainly not least, we send a huge thank you to all the folks behind the scene who help us to get things done through donation of their time and resources, including a big shout-out to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Buffalo for the space we call home.

Onwards and upwards!

With Love from the Voce Team

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