Our Fall 2018 Concert Program Announced!

facebook event photo 3.jpgWe are thrilled to announce our Fall 2018 Program:

Science and Spirit
– Janet Oates – Atomic Choruses (2014, rev. 2017)
– Gabrielle Cerberville – Phases + Particle (2016 + 2018)
– Elizabeth Baker – @quantumloop_#love (2018 – SVVC COMMISSION, W. P.)
– Amanda Feery – Squarpushers (2012)
– Eva Maria Houben – Psalm 117 (2008 – W. P.)
– Igor Coehlo A. S. Marques – Ave Virgo (2018 -SVVC COMMISSION, W. P.)
– Gabrielle Cerberville – Ubi Caritas (2014)

We have commissioned two new works, one from Elizabeth A. Baker, who will be traveling from Florida to join us in the concert, and from Igor Coehlo A. S. Marques, a Buffalo resident and composer at UB.

You can purchase tickets in advance here.

Join us at the UUCB, the corner of Ferry and Elmwood on November 17, 2018 5:00 PM!


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