NEW – Second Sight Donor Give-Backs!

For the rescheduled premiere of The Second Sight, we are creating special give-back gifts to thank you for your donations.

This week’s GIVE-BACK SPOTLIGHT: When you donate $50 to The Second Sight today, you will receive a unique page from the score of The Second Sight with a note from the composer. Put it with your keepsakes from other events, or hang it as a unique piece of personalized wall art.

The production still needs your help! Consider donating today either online or via mail, by making a check out to Art Services Initiative (ASI) of Western NY, writing “for Sotto Voce Vocal Collective” in the MEMO section, and sending it to the following address:

ASI2495 Main St, Suite 422Buffalo, NY 14214

We appreciate all your support!

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