Between now and the opera’s premiere, we will be sharing videos of select scenes, to help you get better acquainted with the work. Our first preview is of Act I Scene 2, “The Rain Chorus,” in which the Spirits guide the visionary Diskana to the home of Freyaria and Sashatya, the mother and child in her opening scene vision. This recording was made at the 2019 June in Buffalo festival, and features many members of the premiere cast, including Claudia Brown as Freyaria; and Jessie Downs, Mariami Bekauri, Julia Anne Cordani, and Suzanne Fatta as Spirits. Conductor Matthew Chamberlain, as well as many ensemble members (Michael Matsuo, flute; Michael Tumiel, clarinet; Jade Conlee, piano; Rosanna Moore, piano; and Katie Weissman, cello) will also be involved in the premiere. Stay tuned for new previews of the premiere cast in the months ahead!

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